by True Neutral Crew



"Tiene una cantidad gigantesca de elementos que en principio parecería que son una combinación tóxica, pero el resultado es increíble." - Vice Columbia

The title of the 2nd release from True Neutral Crew, '#POPPUNK', refers to the ghost possessing this collection of songs. Hiding beneath swathes of noise and big beat production are bright, joyous melodies and driving live drums. Quick and acrobatic rap verses are bookended with catchy pop hooks. At once both intricate and complex while still being simple and silly. While the krautrap aspirations from their debut mixtape remain, the spirit of hyperactive LA artpunk groups like Oingo Boingo and Sparks is likely behind the haunting. Is it all a riddle? Is it nonsense? Perhaps the best advice for deciding comes from the lyrics of the opening track, "It's modern art. When you see it, see it for what it is."

"Their specialty is just mixing hip-hop with experimental punk in ways you would have never imagined." - Afropunk

"...joyous MBV meets The Breeders which threatens to fall apart at any moment yet never quite does thanks to a production that knows exactly when to let the instruments peep out of the murk and when to smother them again." - 8/10 at Louder Than War


released April 26, 2014

Daveed Diggs: Vocals
Brian Kinsman: Electronics, Drums, Strings, Vocals
Margot Padilla: Drums, Vocals
Signor Benedick The Moor: Vocals

Recorded irresponsibly by True Neutral Crew in Los Angeles, CA

True Neutral logo by Adam Harms. Cover art by Brian Kinsman.



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True Neutral Crew Los Angeles, California

Margot Padilla - Electronics, Vocals
Brian Kinsman - Drums, Vocals
Daveed Diggs - Vocals
Signor Benedick The Moor - Vocals

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